Posted by site admin on May 5th, 2005

Keith studied music at Berklee College of Music. He entered into the school as a Jazz Bass Player, but after four years of school he found his home in classical composition. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from there in 1998. While at Berklee Keith was able to have two of his pieces recorded: Beyond The Dying for chamber orchestra and The Edge for soprano and piano. Recordings are available on the works page.

After leaving Berklee Keith studied with John Clement Adams and Robert Ceeley.

Keith’s Music is mostly atonal, though not serial. He attempts to create a sense of harmonic unity while using the endless possibilities that atonal harmony can provide including the consonance of traditional triads and harmonies. His music is also rhythmically complex, taking ideas from his early jazz experiences, other cultures and classical music.

For futher information about his music please check out the works page.

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