Declassified Project

Posted by site admin on October 3rd, 2005

After a summer hiatus, I am beginning work once again on creating the Declassified Project, a project aimed at bringing artistic music to the people. More information coming soon….

The music is fine….its the presentation.

Posted by site admin on May 9th, 2005

There is a lot of arguments on the value of music, particualry classical music in the ongion uptown/downtown battle. But in my mind both musics are valid useful and have the ability to connect with an audience the issue is the presentation. In the currently forming ensemble (unnamed as of yet…stay tuned) we will focus on a wide range of music, but most importantly try to key in on connection to the audience. Mostly through presentation, setting and atmoshpere.

Open letter

Posted by site admin on April 27th, 2005

I believe that the lack of attention paid to classical music today, particularly by the youth, is due to the fact that classical music is perceived as pretentious, stuffy, elitist, boring and outdated. The reasons for this perception could not be seen more clearly then by simply witnessing a symphony concert: the concert is preceded by a lecture, and is performed by tux clad musicians as numerous elderly patrons tap their feet as they fall asleep to the all too familiar tunes of the much over-performed classical repertoire, between movements there is silence punctuated by obligatory coughing, and at the end of the work there is there is the formality of applause, with the rising and sitting of the orchestra as the conductor makes his way off and back onstage over and over again.

I personally feel that classical music is a wonderful and beautiful art form that when the right music is presented appropriately can be an open, relaxed, accessible, thrilling and contemporary experience. In order to share this view of classical music with a greater audience I would like to form an ensemble dedicated to bringing art music to people in a non-stuffy, non-elitist, non-threatening environment. The ensemble will play recent music of living composers who desire to both have a high degree of artistic integrity and a degree of accessibility. Each year one or more concerts will be presented in an informal manner, completely separated from the ritualistic formality of the symphony and more akin to the relaxed environment of a Jazz concert in a bar or club.

I am looking for people to assist me in this goal. I will serve as composer, conductor (if needed), music director, and producer/organizer of the ensemble and all the events. I need other interested composers, willing to create new works, and musicians willing to rehearse and perform, and any volunteers who would like to be apart of this in anyway. This should be an exciting and wonderful opportunity for classical musicians and music to make a real and meaningful connection with the world.

Progress on a New Work

Posted by kcorbin on March 28th, 2005

I am finally making progress on a new work, a duet for Cello and Piano. I am in many ways going back to my “roots” the music of Beyond the Dying, but hopefully capturing its freedom and excitement, but adding a sense of maturity and improved technical ability.


Posted by kcorbin on March 27th, 2005

Turning this into a blog was supposed to mean I would update the page more often, as of now that has not happened, but I will try….

The page still does not look perfect, (IE is the problem) but hopefully soon, I will clear that up. And hopefully soon there will be a more music related post.