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Chamber Works:
Rage, rage against the dying of the light (2006) 6′ – Quartet for Bass Clarinet, Piano, Glockenspiel and Marimba
Elegy for America(2004)-mp3
String Quartet Fragment(2004)-mp3
Duo, One Afternoon(2002)-Duet for Clarinet and Piano
Woodwind Quintet (2001) 8′
Duet for Oboe and Cello (2001) 5′
Solo Intruments:
For Myrna, solo (2005) for ‘cello-mp3
Lullaby for Erik (2005) for Piano 1’30”
For Kincade (2005) for Piano 2′
If It Ain’t Baroque(2004) for Harpsichord 6′ mp3
A Year for Solo Cello(2003) for solo cello 6′
Soft melody for Katherine(2002) for solo guitar 1’30”-mp3
3 Short Pieces for Clarinet Solo (2000) 5′
For Piano Solo (2000) 5′
Sonata for Solo Flute (2000) 11′ – Premiered and Recorded at Pickman Hall Cambridge, MA by Matthew Doherty
12 One Minute Canons for Piano (1999) 12′
Beyond The Dying 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6(1998) 8′ -Recorded by The Berklee Recording Orchestra.
Vocal Works:
The Edge (1998) 4′ – Premeired 1998 at Berklee College of Music

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